Agricultural Tyres

For those who work in an agricultural setting such as farmland, you are bound to have some old tyres. Here at SWTR Ltd, we offer an unbeatable tyre collection and disposal service. Whether you have old larger tyres from tractors or something smaller, we are here to get rid of them in the best possible way. Regardless to the size of tyre, we will happily collect them for you, clearing up much needed agricultural space.

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Large Tractor Tyre

Different Types of Tyres

Many would be surprised at how many different types of tyres are used for agricultural vehicles. When you think farmland, you think tractor. Understandable. However, here are a few other examples of what kind of vehicles are used in agriculture:

Much more are used and all of them have tyres that eventually need disposing of. Get in touch to find out more details.

Areas We Cover

As we are a company based in Devon, a lot of the Westcountry is surrounded by farmland. With this in mind, we come across a lot of old and unwanted tyres. Therefore, we collect tyres not only in Devon, we cover Cornwall and other areas in the South West.

Piles Of Used Tyres

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So, if you work in an agricultural environment, we are ready to hear from you. Learn more about our waste tyre recycling business today and get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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