Commercial Tyres

Commercial vehicles will use a different type of tyre in order to be a lot more durable on the road. With long distances and many miles covered, these tyres will undergo much wear and tear, resulting in an eventual replacement. That’s where we can help. If you have a commercial vehicle or are perhaps a long-haul delivery driver, get in touch with our team today and we will dispose of your old, commercial tyres.

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Old Used Tyres

Range of Tyres

We recycle a large range of tyres used on commercial vehicles. No matter the size, our expert team have the necessary equipment and requirements. Generally, commercial tyres need replacing every three to six years. If they have been used on damaged or uneven roads, then perhaps sooner. Once you know these need disposing of, choose us for an expert, no hassle waste management process.

Scrap Tyre Collections

Are you unable to bring your unused tyres to us? No matter! We offer a convenient and easy collection at very affordable prices. Our company has three sites located in the South West. These three main sites are found in Saltash, Honiton and Westbury. As we have the means to cover a large geographical area, we can come to your location and collect your unused tyres.

Old Car Tyres

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